Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just wanted to let you know..

I really enjoyed reading all of your comments from my last post. Each one of you gave me a different aspect to reflect on. Thank you! I will be back to writing real posts sometime soon..don't have the time today because I need to be getting ready for a concert..New Kids on the Block! I am only excited because I am going to see it with my bestest, Julie. We went to their concert in 1990 (she'll tell you it was 89), and we were absolutely crazy about them. I, in particular, loved Joey McIntyre. I dreamed a few nights ago that I met him and he was really old and missing hopefully, he'll look a little better in reality! I will try to take some pics! I hope everyone is having a good week!

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Edie said...

Haha! Even though I know your age, this post was a big reminder that you could be my daughter.

When New Kids on the Block first came out she was in love with Joey too. We were listening to the radio one day and they were giving concert tickets to the xx (forty something) caller. She asked if she could call and I said sure thinking she wouldn't even get though.

"It's Ringing!" she announced. I thought "she'll never be the right caller. The next thing I heard was "I Won!!". LOL!

The concert was fun. I hope you have a great time Angela. And I hope Joey looks better than your "dream man". LOL!!