Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Like an Indian summer, but no Indians..well..maybe one..

This summer has been one of the best I can remember. I have been involved in a Biblical community in a way that I have longed for..a group of friends that is there for each other..doing life TOGETHER. I am humbled and inspired by these people because every minute of every day is devoted to honoring God..whether we are bowling, having a cookout, playing a game of softball, whatever.. God is the focus. Bringing people in to a family of believers to encourage them daily is what my church emphasizes. It has been a huge blessing to me. I am growing (and not without growing pains..change is not my favorite thing) and being challenged to walk the walk ALL the time.. I know I haven't been writing on a regular basis but please know that I miss you all! I just wanted to share some fun pics from the past couple months..

This is when we scored big with 1 dollar game night at a place cleverly named "The Bowling Alley".

On July 19, I got baptized in the James River in downtown Richmond at a park called Belle Isle. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, and it was beautiful to gather with my church family, my friends and my parents to show my dedication to Jesus. Also, they had a surprise for me. Instead of the pastor baptizing me, they secretly asked my friend Trent to do it. It was an awesome, awesome day.

We took a trip to DC the day before the baptism..not a huge thing for me since I grew up there but it was fun to go with my friends! One of my friends is obsessed with the metro. We played games while we were waiting for the trains and entertained the other passengers.

And we went for a hike in the mountains..

There have been some sad changes, too. My coleader Tuesday nights moved last weekend and I actually was presented with the opportunity to colead a small group for my church. So, with sadness, I will end my work-based Bible study, but with joy I will continue teaching women about the Lord. The best part is that it will still be on the same night, and hopefully I will have some of the same women attend the new Bible study. Then they will be able to meet the girls from church and form great, godly friendships and have accountability. The next pics are from our last night together. We went to Maggianos and when we came out there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky.

I am getting ready to go on vacation. When I get back, summer will be mostly over. I am almost sad that I will miss the rest of the fun times, but I know this vacation will be awesome.Please pray for me to be able to be a witness to my unsaved family members and to be able to really use my free time to be in the Word. I will tell you where I went when I get back! And..there will be more pictures, I'm sure! Thanks for letting me share my summer with you! How is yours going?


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Hey Angela! It's been fun reading about your summer...sounds like you have had a great one! Surrounding yourself with others who love Jesus is the best thing you can do with your young heart, you know that don't you? You are such a breath of fresh air when I look at the generation that is following behind mine. :-)

Jennifer said...

Wow! Angela, it looks like you had a great summer! I love that you are surrounded by a community of believers. That's awesome!

I started this summer really lonely because I was back in my hometown for the summer and I wasn't in contact with many of my old friends. Well, through my internship at the pregnancy center, I met a girl who invited me to the Bible study she attends. I have grown so much in that and have made new friends. Not to mention all the amazing women at the pregnancy center.

I'm so glad (again) that you had a great summer!!

Kathy S. said...

Angela, you are so beautiful! It brings me so much joy to see what God has given you! It looks like a wonderful growing climate for you, and you are ministering at the same time.

Have a sweet vacation!