Saturday, January 8, 2011


2010 was not exactly a fun year for me. It was a "buckle down" sort of year. In 2010 I:

1. Got my heart broken by the man I thought I was going to marry (it's complicated, but he was a friend that I fell head over heels for).

2. Drew close to the Lord and leaned on Him through the pain. I also have learned to SPEAK the the actual death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is not enough for me to live like a Christian. People may notice something different about me, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what saves, not me being "good".

3. Went on my first mission trip evah, to Diquini, Haiti, where I met the people you see on the news. They turned from sad cases in far off places to smiling faces who rejoiced in God's graces..Don't know why the rhyme hit me but I went with it. It was good to be able to love on people there. They are normal people who live normal lives..their normalcy is WAY different than ours though.

4. Had a man fall for me and just wasn't that into him, which sucked because he is amazing and almost everything I could tell you that I want in a man, minus the living in another country and pledging undying love after one whole week... But.. my heart said no.

5. Decided to go back to school for Christian Counseling. Sat in my house for three months doing schoolwork. Got all A's. Debating continuing because I am not a fan of Psychology, and really what I love to do I should be doing for God anyway. A pastor friend of mine put into words "You are trying to turn your Christianity into a vocation." Those words rang true to me.

6. Decided to stop using my credit card and therefore do not spend money on eating out or movies or unnecessary stuff anymore. Being responsible is not that fun.

7. Began attending an International Prayer Group, to pray for our unsaved friends from other religions/backgrounds. As I get more involved with things of this nature, I have felt the blatant hatred that the enemy has for me. Not pleasant, but my soul rests in the fact that God is bigger.

8. Led a women's Bible study with my dear friend Julia and saw one of my girls fall into sin, which ultimately led to her leaving our church against my counsel. That was hard. We have, overall, had a great few months though and I have gotten a chance to get close to some amazing women!

9. Made a new friend named Hannah and was able to partner with her in ministering to an elderly Buddhist couple.

10. Read a ton of books. Favorite so far is "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan.

In 2011, my prayer is not necessarily for any one thing to happen. I desire to know God much more intimately for who He love and delight in Him..not my work for Him or what He is doing or what He is giving..but to love and worship Him. And then I need to lose 20 pounds.


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Stephanie said...

Wow, this last year sounds like it was full of ups and downs for know, it's really encouraging to see you close to Jesus - still striving to know Him more, to honour Him with your life. His grace working within you is evident, Angela. Praying that He continues to work in your life this year, bringing you much joy. Love you sister!