Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prayer as a Way of Walking in Love

If you have an hour, you should definitely watch this! Francis Chan (author of the amazing book "Crazy Love"), takes us through his personal experiences with seeing how powerful prayer is and how much God delights in the everyday lives of His children!! Listen to it as you do the dishes, or finish up those taxes (whoops)! Be encouraged!


J. Lopez said...

I love Francis Chan, he's one of my heroes in the faith! I will definitely have to listen to this; i love His Preachings!

My name is Juan, Follow my blog if you'd like. it's about my calling to become a pastor along with writings about faith. Drop me some comments! take care!

J. Lopez said...

BTW, I love how the bible you have up on your picture is written in French! are you of french descent?

Angela said...

Juan- It was a Bible that we found in the mountains of Haiti, open to Chapter 12 of Hebrews. =) I am not French, I am half Greek and half European mutt.