Saturday, May 10, 2008

When death comes knocking...

When death comes knocking, I will probably not hear the door the first time, because I will be be blowing my nose. Loudly. By the time I get around to opening the door, he will most likely be grumpy about the fact that I made him wait, and I'm sure he won't appreciate the fact that I am wearing a bleach-stained sweatshirt and stripy fuzzy socks. Too bad. I will excuse myself for a brief bout of what I can only call "whooping cough", and then turn to him with red face and blood-shot eyes.

"You don't look so hot", he says in what might be termed sympathy but really I think is disdain.

I will roll my eyes, albeit weakly. " You on lunch break or something?" I'll ask him, all the while feeling a little smug. I know he's never enjoyed a sandwich. He's also never gotten to experience post-nasal drip, but I still feel as though I have the upper hand.

He'll smile and move a little closer. Why is he here anyway? All this Mucinex is making me a little loopy; maybe I shouldn't have opened the door. He'll raise a bony finger, and extend it toward my hair, looping a little tendril around, almost tenderly. "You know why I'm here, don't you, Angela?"

", not really. Are you running for office or something? That would be a fun election. Who would be your backers?" By this point I'm just making a fool of myself, but I don't really know what Death and I have to talk about..I have a cold or sinusitis or something. I pull out my little baggie of echinacea and tylenol.

Death looks a little annoyed that I am being so nonchalant. "I am here to bring to conclusion this, your time here in the world of the living," he says,drawing it out to make it sound sinister.

" Hold on a minute, buster," I say, pouring a glass of water. "I need to take these, immune boosters and fever reducers, to bring to an end the sore throat that is annoying the crap out of me."

His face contorts in rage, and with a growl of deepest loathing, he whirls around and throws open the door. "You may recover, but I will be seeing you again."

"Can't wait." To go to bed. He storms out, slamming the door behind him. His cape gets stuck in the door.

I am sick and obviously a little delusional!


jeleasure said...

I read a little more of your blog. I also am from Northern Virginia.
Does this message thing work? I went back to your blog after posting my first message and the comment count read zero.

jeleasure said...

O.K., I'm quite certain I did something wrong for my first comment. So, here it goes again.
I was saying that I've seen you somewhere before. I attend church at West End Assembly of God. I was attending at Southside Nazarene a little more than a year ago.
I was looking for people in Richmond who participate in the blogspot where I may glean some christian blogs. I thought your post about Death comes knocking was funny. I am posting a series on Christian Education.

Angela said...

I did attend WEAG for a little while, now I go to the Richmond Outreach Center, which I really enjoy. WEAG is a great church, too.

jeleasure said...

Did you attend the third service in the gym, at WEAG? The Third Service actually has two times. 9a.m. and 11a.m.. I am guessing that I saw you in the 11a.m. service. I've only been in a service in the sanctuary three times. By the way, I am having a terrible time with this messaging system. If you receive repeats of this message, I apologize.

Angela said...

No. I never went to a service in the gym, it's been probably just under two years since I've been there. Good luck with your blog, I checked it out briefly and I love that you explore the original meaning of words, Beth Moore does that too and it really opens up your eyes to the original message how it was first intended to be interpreted!

jeleasure said...

As far as posting a comment goes, I have no idea as to what I have to do to successfully post a comment.
Anyway, second attempt at this message.
I was just telling you that I want to develop a network of bloggers who are Christians for the purpose of encouraging and strengthening our walk.
It is amazing how many avenues there are to get a message out. Your blogs are cool. Comical. I
have a sense of humor. However, I do not do well in writing fiction.
What I intend to do with my blogspot, is to promote Christian education. More than five years ago, I noticed a lack of understanding in the Christian community for what it is that a Christian should understand in order to be an affective messenger of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A few weeks ago, I heard a report from The American Family Association stating that only 6 percent of people who call themselves Christians truely understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So, I will be searching for Christian bloggers to join me in promoting Christian education in order to reduce the lack of knowledge among Christians. The series I am producing will be seven chapters. I will also be writing a group study guide.

Edie said...

LOL. What a great imagination. Glad you posted it. Hope you're feeling better.

jeleasure said...

Hey Angela,
I revisited this post because I remembered how funny it is.
As I look at my attempts to leave a comment, I also remember how frustrated I was in trying to figure out what I was supposed to do to ensure I was leaving a comment. I guess you figured it out pretty easily.
Sorry to have left such lame messages. I was really wanting to discuss your post. I saw your face in the profiles and knew that I had seen you before. That is why I visited your page. But really did want you to know that I appreciated your short story.
I also feel that you should see if you can have it published in a reputable magazine.
I have attempted to have my manuscript published. Beacon Hill Press said that I should write some short articals and have them published in Christian magazines. This is how one would begin a writing career. Only, I told them I am not a writer or a minister. I had an idea and I went for it. Since they decided to not publish it, I published it on line. I only write in "Journaling For Growth" to keep my blog updated so "Love One Another" will not have to be archived in the rear of the blogospheer. "Love One Another" is

"Journaling For Growth" is at