Wednesday, December 31, 2008

6 Things I've Learned This Year

Stephanie..I am finally doing your meme!!

1. The Word of God is the only thing we can put our faith in completely.

2. The Office is still good, but 2008 wasn't it's finest year.

3. When you are willing, God will use you in extraordinary ways. More on that later.

4. Going through hard times is a good way to grow faith.

5. God wants us to step out in faith and trust him so that he can show himself to us in ways that can only be him.

6. Memorizing Scripture is vital. It is a powerful weapon when the lies start flying at us.

2008 has been a big year for growth in my life. I have learned how to actually say "no" to things that I had previously allowed in moderation, and I am now not just someone that learns from other Christians, but someone who can teach other Christians. It has been a year with much joy and some painful times, but I am very excited about the future. I am not really big on "this year I will" because we don't know what the future holds. I know that today I choose to follow God, as I will each day, no matter what year or month it is. This journey called life is in progress..and I am so excited to be journeying with God and with his people.


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

What a great list, Angela. You have such a precious heart, and it seems to shine through your writing. I have been blessed to read you this year, and I look forward to another!

Happy New Year!

Tracy said...


Toknowhim said...

Hey Sweet Girl (Everyone that is younger than me becomes a sweet girl :)

I like a lot of the things you learned this year :) I see that you are starting a new study too, and from what I have heard of Chip Ingram I think he is a good teacher.

Came by to visit all the people that are on my sidebar... Blessings sweet one as you strive to know Jesus more in 2009 :)

Shonda said...

Happy New Year to you!

Your points are right on. Memorizing mroe scripture is something I'm working on. I have 3X5 cards in my purse and I pull them out when I need one or while I'm waiting somewhere.

Edie said...

Great lessons Angela! I'm not much on making resolutions either. Like you said, I will follow Him.