Saturday, December 6, 2008

With a capital A

If you came for the giveaway it's the post below!

Tonight at church I saw my friend T who used to work with me. She got a great job elsewhere and I really don't see her much anymore. She is one of those people who always look perfectly put together, and who just seem..COMPETENT. At everything. I have honestly always felt a little awkward around her. I would always say something stupid or just feel like an idiot for some reason or another. I am sure it was just my own insecurity, but I am not like that around many people. I love to have fun and I generally enjoy making a fool of myself- as long as it's on purpose!

T was dating a man before she moved to Richmond. He works for the same company we do/did and she actually moved to get space from him and what she says was a very unhealthy relationship. He was a pastor's kid but was not living as a Christian, and T was trying to follow God. Being unequally yoked was not working out for her. Well, the space thing was working fabulously for her until her ex, R, decided to move to Richmond..and work at our store; so she'd have to see him everyday.Yippee! This was VERY stressful for her, and eventually she got a new job and so I still work with R but she doesn't have to!

R had recently decided to go back to his Christian roots and he asked if he could come to church with me a couple weeks ago. I said sure, but he ended up not coming after all.

Until tonight. He was there with T. I saw them sitting in the folding chairs from my place in the bleachers. Yep, they were together and at church! I sent a text that said "I see you!" but she didn't reach for her phone so it must have been turned off.

I was so happy that R has decided to really give God another chance. I waited for them by the door as they were coming out, and T saw me first and said something to R. She didn't look so thrilled to see me. We said a quick hello and so good to see you and then I went to the restroom and they left.

I guess T was either embarrassed or feeling guilty about being with him. As I paced back and forth in the dark trying to find my car, I read a text from T. It said "Let's keep what u saw very quiet. No one can know.. It was good to see you! I'm glad you were there tonight." Sure you were. As I was reading the message, I still was scanning for my car. I was starting to think it had been stolen. A car was trying to back out but I was in the way. It was, of course, T and R, wondering what the heck I was doing walking around behind their car. I waved idiotically and then realized that my car was on the other side of a monster truck that was parked two inches from my driver's side door.

As I climbed in the passenger side door and scaled my center console, I was feeling kind of foolish, but what can you do? I'll tell you what I'm doing. I'm realizing how weird the "I see you" text was. Who does that?


Edie said...

Hey Angela! I don't understand the capital A.

There is NOTHING weird about saying I see you to a friend in a situation like that. I think your friend was acting kind of odd, not you.

There are people that I feel highly incompetent around too and for a variety of reasons. Just remind yourself who you are in Christ. You are not less than anyone else. You are Angela, fearfully and wonderfully made. Designed specifically to be who you are.

Love ya girl!

Stephanie said...

I think I detect your sense of humor even in this post. :)
Same as Edie, I didn't think you did anything weird.