Saturday, June 28, 2008


I chanced upon this video on is kinda long but I was surprised at how fast it went..very true and very eye-opening. It is this pastor preaching at a youth conference, but the message applies equally to adults.


Edie said...

I love this video. I ran across it about a month ago. It is so worth watching. Bless you.

jeleasure said...

It is really interesting. I received an email tonight from someone I do not know. And, to my recallection, I have not written to.
His message was of one of disappointment with me for saying, what sounds like I am supposed to be disappointed in his ministry.

Then, I went to your blog to look at that video you suggested, concerning those who say "Lord". "Lord".

Honestly, my thoughts about some ministers is just as that man on the video discusses concerning the errancy of teaching people to pray a prayer and they get to go to Heaven. My desire to help people get right with the Lord is very strong. I am often as bold as the man on the platform in this video who will tell people that their understanding of scripture is scewed.

Thanks for having me watch that video.

Angela said...

I am glad you were touched by it. That man did a good thing by speaking the truth in love, but at the same time not watering it down. It is good that he didn't leave any room for loopholes or excuses. It's not easy to follow God, but the alternative is disastrous, both on earth and in light of eternity. Praise his Wonderful Name that we are among the chosen!