Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My friend Heather and I are starting a womens' Bible study. We bought a video series called "Liquid" that translates Biblical principles into modern day scenarios to make them more relative to life in this day and age. We got together, watched the videos (pretty cheesy, but God can work with anything), and prayed for the girls who would be joining us. This is the most exciting thing for me, to be a part of helping women to live their life the right way. To love them and facilitate a place where they can turn from the worlds' empty promises to true fulfillment in Jesus. I knew that Satan was not going to like it. I didn't know he was going to hit so hard as to make us postpone the Bible study.

The day after the two of us previewed the videos, Heather found out that her husband had an extramarital affair. It was, he claimed, a one time thing, something he was waiting to tell her until they had begun counseling..their marriage is very shaky, and they've only been husband and wife since September. She married a man who wasn't as commited to the Lord as she was, and it's VERY hard on her. So, she has decided to stay with him, but she is not ready to begin the Bible study just yet. GRRRR! Patience is not one of my strongest virtues, and I am so excited about this that I am having a hard time waiting for it to start!! I know I need to be understanding, so I will try my best. The funny thing is that after we watched the videos, she flipped to a Joyce Meyer show, and they answered a letter from a lady whose husband had an affair, asking how she could forgive him, and they also talked about waiting on the Lord's timing. God is so funny that way! Just his way of letting us know he wasn't taken by surprise or caught off guard the way we were! I love you, Lord, but let's get this show on the road already!


jeleasure said...

O.k. Very kool. I have not seen your profile for a while and wondered if you left blogging.
Any way, you just began a group Bible study. And I, just finished posting my manuscript with studyguide.
I also feel very blessed that I can use this series of chapters I wrote and have people tell me that they have read it. I've had some great correspondance via email over the manuscript, as well.
Leave a comment so I can keep up with your blog. It is easier to go to my blog and reference a comment as a link, than to wait to find it in the profiles. I want to check back with your blog to discover how your Bible study is going.

jeleasure said...

One more thing, you can generate more links to your blog if you turn your list of interest in your profile into one or two word descriptions. Like, "Studying my Bible" could be turned into three different links: Study, Bible, Bible study. If you put this in your profile and click on each one, you will find there are three different list. This is how I found your profile these two times I have left comments.

jeleasure said...

Hi Angela,
I'm responding to your question of how I search for blogs by subject.
Most of the time, blogs are themed. So, I go to my profile. Scroll down to where my interest are listed, then just click on one of them. Then I will see a list of profiles that have the same interest I do. However, when I visit there page, what I see is not always represenative of what that persons 'interest list' says.
I once told you that I have seen you around Richmond. Remember having told me that you used to attend the same Church I now attend?
So, when I saw your profile come up under one of the 'interest' I clicked on, it was easy for me to be curious as to what you are writing about.

Llewellyn said...

Hey Angela,

I'm a 33-your old COG living in South Africa. I found my way to your blog by googling "joyce meyer biblestudy waiting on the Lord".

Its great to read about your passion for the Lord and I sense an eagerness in your spirit to learn.

The question of waiting on the Lord isn't a small concept in our Christian faith. Waiting and patience drives in against a key modern earthly principle: instant gratification. Instant gratification allows us to take remote control of our situation. Mostly this ends us up with what we want. But what we get is often under done and half baked.

When I encounter a spiritual intersection, a red traffic light, I learned to recognise that it is the Lord that wants me to hang ten for a moment, a while, a time until He is ready to turn the light green. Use the 'hang time' to pray for you journey, praise Him for slowing you down and allowing you time to focus on Him.

The Lord has great things planned for you. You will serve your community with the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ and He will reward you with your heart's deepest desire: a husband, a true man of God.

John 1:12 said...

So, I started reading your blog without taking note of the date that you actually wrote that! Bwahahaha... may I say this, I didn't read your blog of yesterday until after I posted my June 25 comment. I somehow found my way back to the front page of your blog where I discovered my mistake. My eye caught the sermon you posted and I started reading just to be amazed at the prophecy that God gave you through my comment - and how relevant it is to your current situation. I really didn't know about any of that. God spoke and I was only an available witness.
Bless His name, Bless His holy name!