Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Make new friends..

When I moved to Richmond from Northern Virginia I left behind two very close friends, Amanda and Nicole. I met them in 2002 when we were all working in the same restaurant. Amanda is a sassy, full-figured black lady who has been one of my most dear friends to date. Nicole is a little harder to love at first..she is very intelligent, which is great, but she is also very vocal about it. "I've got a Georgetown education, for God's sake!" She is a little prickly until you get to know her, but she has been there for me many times and she is a very loyal and loving person. It was hard to move away from them..but I needed to live for God and they were not exactly on board when I made that decision. Neither one of them knows God as their savior.They didn't understand why I was becoming "boring", or why I had to move to do it. I just didn't feel like I would have support trying to be a different person around those who only knew me one way..the girl who smoked weed and got drunk and went to clubs five out of seven nights a week. The one who stayed with a boyfriend who obviously didn't have her best interests at heart. When I moved here, my friend Julie was living a Christian life and was able to be my friend and also understand what and WHO I was striving for. I MISS my girls from Northern Virginia, and we still have fun together when we see each other, but it's definitely different between us. I mean what do you say when your friend tells you you should not stay single but go out and sleep with someone for fun instead of sitting around being lonely? And how do you tell her you think it's wrong that she's sleeping with a married man..and her ex at the same time? I feel like I know I am a different person when I am with them, but that I was the same as them at one time so it is hard for me tell them they are going about life the wrong way. Amanda actually didn't come down for my birthday last year because got in a fight. She told me I was turning into a "country bumpkin", and I ended up hanging up on her. We didn't speak for months, but we do love each other so we are okay now..tentative with each other, but okay. She actually told me on the phone a couple months ago that if we were to meet now, we probably wouldn't be friends but since we already are she guesses she's stuck with me. Granted, I had just told her I was going vegan, but still. (by the way, that vegan thing lasted about two weeks. I have, however, gone organic when possible and I haven't eaten beef..I am excited about being healthy!) So, I have two different sets of friends..before, and after. How do I bring them together? I would love for them to know Jesus..but I don't feel up to the job.

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