Saturday, April 19, 2008

Where's the soap?

I admit it. I used to have a terrible, terrible mouth. God has lovingly helped me out with this problem, and I am so grateful. I am also uber-sensitive to swearing now, or vulgarity. I work in a restaurant. The waitstaff curse. The managers curse. I almost wish I didn't understand Spanish, 'cause the cooks cuss too. I dearly love the people I work with, but I am offended like ninety percent of the time I am around them. When did it become acceptable for people to use vulgarity in everyday conversation..Thanks, pass the peas, you ^*%%&! I mean, it's excessive and unnecessary, especially in a workplace. I know that I don't work in an office, but some semblance of professionalism would be greatly appreciated.

My coworkers do try to watch their mouths around me, which I really do appreciate. Usually they'll say something bad and then say they're sorry and then restate themselves using toned-down darns and freakins. I do appreciate the effort and all I can do is laugh because at least they are trying. I know that it isn't okay for the language to be so bad in a work situation, but I don't really have anyone to complain to.. I feel like I am one of only a handful who would even consider this a problem, and therefore would be looked upon as a real weirdo or perhaps a kindergartener...any suggestions?

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