Thursday, April 17, 2008

My first blog

Well..where to start? I am nearing thirty and I feel as if my life isn't at the point that it should be. I fell into the restaurant business when I was 17, and besides my stint in daycare, have been there ever since. The trouble with waitressing is that it is good, easy money, however, you don't truly have room for advancement unless you plan to go into management (no, thanks, I'd like my nights and weekends off!). I grapple with the idea of going back to school...I am also single, which wasn't where I thought I would be at this age. It isn't a bad thing, as I am waiting on the one that God has for me now instead of wasting time with the wrong man as I have done in the past. Doing things God's way is such a continual growing and learning process..I feel as if I know so much more than I used to about him, and on the other hand, I have so much more to learn!

I have been living in Richmond since September of 2005. When I decided to follow God, I realized that I needed to move away from everyone I knew in order to be successful in my decision. I was able to transfer my job, and God showed himself throughout the process, making it easier for me to go, since I knew it was HIS idea! I had one strong Christian friend here, and I lived with her and her husband for a couple months until I decided that I was here to stay and I went ahead and got my own apartment. I quit smoking, which took awhile, quit talking to my ex( that took awhile too), and God has helped me shed many other lovely traits I'd picked up along the way (i.e. really big potty mouth). I tried a few different churches before I found the one I currently attend, which is called The Richmond Outreach Center. It is very different than any church I've ever been to..people from every background imaginable who are out in the community reaching people for Jesus. It has a bus ministry which picks up inner city kids and their parents, we bus in the homeless for church, and we have over a hundred different ministries.

My two best friends here in Richmond are Julie and Catherine. They are both married and they don't work, which MUST BE NICE. We have girls' lunch every Friday, although Julie is a royal pain in the butt cause she is just so darn picky, even worse now that she's PREGNANT which is weird because I swear she was just telling me how much she detested children.. Catherine, on the other hand, had been trying to get pregnant the past two and a half years with no success, and Julie didn't want to have a baby before Catherine because she knew Catherine would be upset. She would have been happy for Julie, of course, but very sad that it wasn't her that was pregnant. Julie as just recently made peace with the fact that she can't live a fabulous, martini-filled life (the Christian version, of course)forever, and maybe she shouldn't wait too much longer to have kids, but she just asked God to allow Catherine to go first. Julie wasn't actively trying to get pregnant, but she wasn't preventing it, either.So, finally Catherine gave us the good news..She was four weeks pregnant! We cried, we went was great! Catherine has wanted a baby so badly, and her dream is finally coming true! The bigger surprise, as we found out a few weeks later, is that Julie is due 3 weeks later! So, I am a single waitress and both of my friends are about to become parents! Yay!

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