Friday, September 26, 2008

Just another man named Monday

You remember the Bangles' hit song "Manic Monday"? My friend Ashley doesn't, as I discovered when she belted out "just another man named Monday" over the actual lyrics. Have you ever discovered that the song you have been singing for years actually doesn't say what you thought it said? I sing all the time, and one of my favorites is "River of Dreams" by Billy Joel. It's just fun to sing. However, I sing the chorus and I usually am making half of it up as I go along. It's never the same song twice. What song have you done sung wrong?


Edie said...

How funny! You know I walk around the house a lot of times singing praise songs, and really feeling the praise when, I HATE to admit this, I realize the whatever I just sang is not the way the song actually goes. It stops me for a moment as I get embarassed in front of God, and then I continue to sing the wrong lyrics. lol

Cute picture of you and your friend. Have a great weekend!

Penn Tomassetti said...

That title really made me laugh. Those lyrics got burnt into my brain when I worked in two retail stores 6 and 8 years ago. Except I got mad because I didn't know what "manic" meant and I didn't know why it had to be repeated in my ears 100 times! I can't think of any songs I didn't know the lyrics to, but made them up, though I did that a lot when I used to listen to music.

Edie said...

You nut! The door's open, don't forget the Lysol!

DidiLyn said...

My husband sings every song wrong every time. No matter what.
His entertainment value may be why I married him.
Because really. What else matter?