Saturday, October 4, 2008

Got me thinking

What we believe determines how we live ~ Rick Warren

I was watching this video when I came across the aforementioned quote. It amazes me how one line can just grab me so completely, even if it's something that I basically already knew, the way that it is stated can make it really sink in.

Am I living like I believe that God is with me AT ALL TIMES? Ummmm..

Deuteronomy 31:8

Do I pray like I believe God hears my every thought? Yes, to a degree; he has shown up in ways that were undeniable direct answer to prayer that could not come from anywhere else. However, I still have times where I feel like my prayers don't count for much.

1 Kings 9:3
Psalm 6:9

Do I tell people about Jesus' plan of salvation and restoration as if I believe their very eternity is on the line? Even if they may think I'm some kind of crazy?
Not nearly enough.
Jeremiah 21:8
Zechariah 1:3

I am not going to heaven because of the great way I have lived my life. Let's be honest here. God paid the price that was mine. I would most likely be in the same mess as everyone else if I hadn't believed that I could be forgiven, not because of who I am, but because of who he is. I have assurance that when I die, I will live a peaceful, good life walking next to my God the rest of my days. So, I could stop there. But God gave us instructions, agendas, and blessings, to reach his people. Someone was being obedient when I heard about the gospel. I want to be part of the harvest. Because I believe. So why is it that I believe for my own salvation, but don't have absolute faith in my prayer life? Why don't I believe with all my heart in all circumstances? Fear and unbelief. What if I look stupid? What if God is not happy with me and isn't listening to me? This is the enemy's make us chicken out. But we are in a war, and soldiers don't run the other way when they are faced with danger or an uncomfortable situation. They fight back. If the enemies' method of attack is to lie and tell us that we don't have to be so pro-active to be obedient to God or to spread his word, then we must fight back. With truth. With God's word, with prayer, with steadfastness. The war is won. Even if we lose from time to time. Can we stand firm and keep on pushing through the junk that makes us fearful, and pulls us away from the victory that is already ours? It's not easy. satans a good liar. Who will I believe? My actions will speak more than my mouth ever will. I pray that my life will reflect what I believe, and that I will believe my God.


Edie said...

Amen! Good message Angela. One I know I need to be reminded of a lot.

Hope you're having a good weekend.

Kathy S. said...

Your zeal is inspiring! I love how you posted the scripture in there. Can you teach me how to do that now?

So much peace comes from growth. Be patient with yourself...God's still workin' on you!

socrates said...

its my lifelong desire to work walk with God and to believe Him to the highest possible level. I thought I was struggling alone? Sometimes I wonder if Jesus would tell me 'thou good and faithful servant (son)?

Bradley said...

I just realized you linked to my blog from yours! I was reading your post and was curious what video you were watching and ... whalah ... it led me back to my own blog. LoL

Vicki said...

Angela, dear,
It was nice to go to your church with you tonight and then to meet with you afterwards.
If there is any encouragement in this, I feel the presence of the Lord with you. You are certainly on the correct path. We all struggle as we walk towards our final goal of being with Jesus. Today we see through a dark glass.
Faith is central. Keep believing and as the pastor said, never give up.
Keep in touch and buckets of blessings.