Sunday, October 19, 2008

My friend and her baby are doing well

Except for a little jaundice and low temp and blood sugar on Baby's part. I will be going to see them this afternoon and hopefully will get some good pictures! Thanks for your prayers!


Stephanie said...

Hi Angela, I'm tagging you! See my blog Monday for details. :)

jeleasure said...

I had jaundice shortly after I was born. I don't guess it had any permanent effects.

Tell me when you are working. I would like to bring Vicki and Dan to be your customers. We're good tippers!:) You may want to email that info to Vicki. Vicki says Hello.

Vicki said...

Hi Angela,
Yes indeedy I am saying Hello. I am glad that both of your friends are on to the next step of taking care of their babies. In many ways pregnancy can be a great preparation for raising a child.
Misshappend body, hunger, discomfort, emotional, and finally bowing to labor and sometimes closeness to death. Parenting is serious business.

Jim and I would like to come to your place of business. Also we would just like to see you again.

I enjoyed your church too.
Blessings to you, Angela.

Anonymous said...

We are awaiting the pictures!

Angela said...

Jim and Vicki,
I am working Mon Wed and Thurs mornings this week..I will prob pick up wed or thurs night but am not sure yet. I hope you both are doing well.