Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here's where I'm at

I have had a sick feeling in my stomach ever since I watched Obama steadily moving into the lead last night. Actually I had been sour all day because I am just going to put it out there: I think MANY people voted for him for the wrong reason(s). I just find it hard to come to grips with the fact that Christians would ignore God's ways and be swept up in the HOOPLA. It makes me scared. I feel as though much of our country has gone through this election with blinders on. Never mind the no experience and the shady associations. Never mind the partial birth abortions and the gay marriage.

My honest feeling right now is "God, why did you stir all of our hearts to pray so intently for this election? I wanted a miracle, God. I wanted California's electoral votes! You could have done it, God! Why?"

I am going to have to intentionally draw near to God right now and let my heart catch up later. Because he is still God, He still loves his people. He will still work together all things for good for the people who he loves and has called according to his purpose. This will be a test of faith for many of us, I think. Let's lean on God. There's nowhere else. There's no ONE else.

God, help me not to harbor unforgiveness for those who did not turn to you for wisdom in this election. Help me not to fear because you have said "No weapon formed against you will prosper". Help me to have joy instead of mourning. God, bring your people together, and further your kingdom. May my actions, reactions, and the submission of my thoughts to yours bring you glory. Because that's all that really matters. In the name of Jesus. Amen.


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Beautiful post, Angela. I'm just exactly where you are. I agree that he has been elected for all the wrong reasons, and I don't believe many people realize what they've done.

But our God reigns...and He's not about to give up His Throne to anybody...especially a Liberal! :-)

lmouser said...

God works in mysterious ways; He has the plan, and we don't always understand the details.

Just posted something on my site that gives a few answers; The Day After the Election.

Edie said...

You are not alone in your thoughts Angela. Many of us are trying to understand. Obama said it himself when he said "this is no longer a Christian nation". This is a nation that has some Christians in it.

It is a time of testing. Many who claim to be Christians are not. That was clearly revealed in this election. The people of this nation have chosen their god and now we will face the consequences. But even in captivity, God had favor on and took care of those whose hearts were stayed on Him.

Love you my friend. We will keep trusting Him together.

My word verification (word quiz) word is ingodsp. I thought "what does the p mean?" and this is what came to mind. "In Gods Plan".
God is good.

Jody said...

I'm right there with you, but definitely trusting in the sovereignty of God.

jeleasure said...

It has been my belief that we are nearing the mark set in the Bible for when God will begin to judge the world. Vicki and I have an understanding of some of the prophecy that points to a time of final judgement on the Earth. It would be seventy years from the time Israel became a nation, again. That would be from the year, 1948.
Look around. Our churches our filled with people who know nothing of what it means to truly honor and worship God. Justifying homosexuals because tolerance has become 'justification'. Yes, love the sinner. But, what happened to not condoning the sin?
Look at the oppulance of some church communities. How impressed people are by those things. Sometimes, I go to church in my jeans, pullover shirt and sneakers and find myself standing next to someone in a tuxedo (holiday attire, mostly) or a very expensive suit with diamond studed cufflinks and a rolex. For what?
My post today, deals with what God's real concerns are. And who ultimately reaps the benefit of The Righteousness given by Christ's death and resurrection.

jeleasure said...

Oh, yeah. Vicki and I are beginning to feel dissed. :)

Kathy S. said...

"God, bring your people together, and further your kingdom."

Angela, I think that is exactly what God is doing. History shows us that we don't just "get it" without being disciplined. As I read my one year Bible, I happen to be in Ezekiel 12-16 these days. Much of the pronoouncements on Israel then are paralleled in America today. Look @ Ez 12:1,2

jeleasure said...
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Edie said...

Hey Angela - I just wanted to say thank you! I Love that poem/limerck! Thank you for your friendship and thoughtfulness. Have a great weekend!

emd said...

"I just find it hard to come to grips with the fact that Christians would ignore God's ways and be swept up in the HOOPLA."

So makes you think that God´s way was the other way?

Angela said...

Neither candidate was awesome, in my opinion, but I know that God is not for abortion or gay marriage, so I had to vote in line with Christian issues. I think many people overlooked those things because it was so exciting to have a part in a new chapter of American history. Which would have been great had the candidate been a man of God.