Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My coworker Babs told me tonight that her sister was in school to be an anesthitician, and that she was going to visit her sister and they would practice on her by giving her a free eyebrow waxing and facial. I was confused. Do they have to knock you out to do that? Apparently anesthetician doesn't have anything to do with anesthisiology. It's a beauty thing. Oh.

Babs is going to be coming to our Bible study, which we have decided to switch to Tuesday nights, which will work better with peoples' schedules. Amanda, who I wrote about last time, is coming also. The time it is taking to get this thing rolling is kinda driving me nuts.

I had a tough night at work, money-wise. I feel like I may be under spiritual attack, because I never make consistently bad tips like I did tonight. I have been reading Beth Moore's "When Godly People do UnGodly things", which is all about arming yourself against demonic attacks. I know I am going to learn how to put on the full armor of God, and I also am sure satan is not happy about that. I know that one night of bad money does not mean God has forsaken me, and I choose to praise him and thank him for his faithfulness. That is what he wants from me, to trust when things don't "look" good. I know He is good. It was hard to keep a positive attitude, but I am learning. I really want to learn to be content no matter what my circumstances look like. It's a scary thing to want, but I know that God values my heart and my character, and I want them to reflect Him. So, if I need to be refined, then let's do it. If I don't write again anytime soon, it's because he's sent me to a third-world country and I'm staring down a camel. But don't worry, I'm content.


Edie said...

LOL!! I wanna see a picture of you and that camel! I got to ride a camel one time. It was very cool.

You might also want to get Bondage Breakers by Neil T Anderson. There is also a study guide for it. It really is a GREAT practical resource for winning the spiritual battle. Oh could we talk on this subject.
Go to this post on my blog:
and print out what is written there. It was written specifically to be used as a tool in the spiritual battle. Speak it out loud as a weapon. It is all scripture and the Bible says it is the TRUTH that sets you free. The enemy can't stick around for long when you proclaim the Truth. Remember when Jesus was being tempted by the devil. He used scripture to win that battle.

The Bible also says to resist the devil and he will flee from you. That is why this is a weapon. With it you are resisting the devil. Obviously this in intended to be a guideline not a montage. I don't want to come across like these are magic words. That is not what I am saying. :)

Lord send your warrior angels to surround and protect Angela, and to do battle for her against the enemy that is harrasing her. In the Name of Jesus bind the enemy with cords that cannot be broken. Strip the demon(s) that are harrasing her of all power. Silence them that they may never speak again and send them to a place of your choosing never to return to harass Angela or anyone else again. In the Powerful Name of Jesus Christ. Thank you my King.

Bless you my sweet sister.

Edie said...

Oh ... thanks for your comments on my blog today. Yes Lauren, Lisa (her mom) and I all have a special relationship. That occured about 3 years ago. This week my grandaughter is at Bible Camp and Lisa is her camp counselor. We were very excited about that!

DidiLyn said...

Thought you should know.

Mariel said...

learning to be content in any I, too, need that lesson! What a great attitude you have about refining! Praise the Lord it only make us shinier!! Oh, to reflect our Father's glory!

BTW, LOVE your new header!!

Kathy S. said...

Staring down a camel...funny! I have been in limbo-mode with my shop lately too. My 2nd quarter was down considerably from last year. I had no sales today (rare) but I am at odds about how to proceed toward purchasing for fall. Wondering "Will it be busy?"

I am trying to rest in the Lord, in His direction and provision...hard on days like this, tho I wasn't anxious, I fight discouragement...

Penn Tomassetti said...

you gotta see this camel smiling at you :2)

(it is seriously funny looking)

Jennifer said...

Hi! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I love making new blogging friends- especially my sisters in Christ!

I know your struggle with contentment. It's a hard lesson to learn. It is one that I struggle with daily! I will say a prayer for you! I know that with God on your side you are "more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37)! :)