Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Passion: No, really.

After tonight's Bible study, I think I can say that one of my biggest passions is being able to understand and accurately convey God's message to others. We had our second meeting tonight, and Babs came. She is a girl we work with, who has a very limited knowledge of who Christ is; she said she wasn't brought up going to church or hearing about God. She didn't know what to do when we prayed before our discussion time. It is easy to take for granted that everyone in America has SOME background knowledge of God, but that is not the case. After our discussion time (about temptations) I felt it was important that Babs know what the whole back story on who Jesus is, and why we choose to live our lives the way the Bible tells us to. So, it was left to me to tell her about God's plan of redemption for mankind. I felt inadequate, and like maybe I didn't explain it as thoroughly or as structured as I could have, but I did my best. I know that kind of thing takes practice, but I kind of felt like she would think I was crazy to believe a story like that. I explained that if we look at our lives as miracles in themselves, then it's not as hard to accept a miracle maker (though not in those words). Hopefully I didn't leave anything out, and I know that God can speak through any willing mouth, so if anyone wants to back up that message to Babs in prayer I would certainly appreciate it. Pray that God would construct my words in a way that makes sense and touches her heart, and that she would come to know Christ as Lord and Savior. Also, more and more opportunities present themselves at my job; two non-Christians have a wager going over a game of spades: loser has to go to church with me! Um..mysterious ways, anyone? Greg, who is gay, is coming to me with his spiritual questions. God is being talked about. A lot. It is pretty darn exciting. My passion is to help these people in their journey to know God by answering their questions, and saying just the right thing that will open their eyes..I know that prayer is going to be the main propellant in that area..He is the one that removes the veil, I just want to help him tear it down!!


Kathy S. said...

Angela, I am always so tickled reading about your opportunities and how you handle them. Isn't it amazing what God can do with a couple loaves and fishes?

I am praying for your mission field.

Isn't it wonderful that He grows us as he works through us. We don't have to grow up first!

You go girl!! Come visit me when you get a chance. I tagged you!

Edie said...

You are awesome Angela. You funny little thing you. Everyone in the blogosphere can see your passion from miles into cyberspace, but you "just realized"? :D

How exciting about God being "all the buzz" at work. You go girl!

Chatty Kelly said...

You are very mature in your faith. Keep sharing!

John 1:12 said...

Hey Angela!

I promised to visit your blog often but I only got 'round to it today for the first time.

Isn't it amazing how contagious the Holy Spirit is? Your passion for Jesus is literally infecting the people around you on a daily basis and in awesome ways.

Here's a little insight that I got... Its our job to witness about the work of God but it is the Spirit of God that has to convince people of it. We cannot and must not try to convince people of what and who God is. We may only witness. And you are already doing exactly that. God is witnessing through you and that is all the help he needs.

You are an amazing person. We must hook up one day, we have some beautiful parks in South Africa that works really well for reading, relaxing :-)Just let me know when you are coming down!

Love in Jesus, Llewellyn

Jennifer said...

Hi Angela! Thanks so much for your perfectly timed comment. Your words were perfect....

Also, I love your heart for God's people! I think that is one thing I have got distracted from when I came back to school. You are doing an awesome job at allowing God to use your heart, hands, feet, and mind. It is evident through your blog that you are making a huge impact for the kingdom!!!

In His Love,

jeleasure said...

Sounds like your on your way. I'll lift that prayer up for you.

Edie said...

Hi "Real" Angela! (off topic) Ok I thought when I started writing about the WOF event that there might be a few who would think I was refering to the "Real" Angela and not the "Other" Angela, but I had no idea one of them would be YOU!! Ha! You crack me up.

Hope you can make it for tomorrow's question, "What quality of Christ's do you most see in yourself?"

Have a great day! Love ya-