Thursday, August 28, 2008

Me, from A to Z

I've been tagged by Kathy of Blessed Builder.
I’m supposed to share an Alphabet story, the A to Z 's of me.

Attached or Single? Single

Best Friend? Jesus

Cake or Pie? Cake..and ice cream

Day of Choice?'s my quiet me-time day.

Essential Item? Laptop.

Flavour of Ice cream? Mint Chocolate Chip.

Gummy Bears of Worms? Worms.

Hometown? Centreville, VA

Indulgences? Bubble baths.

January or July? July...January kind of a let down after December.

Kids? No, unless you mean baby goats, and then my answer is no.

Last Movie I saw in a Theater? Wanted. I left with my mouth hanging open because of all of the violence and cursing. I have made up my mind to really censor what I watch.

Middle Name? Catherine

Number of Siblings? 2

Oranges or Apples? Oranges.

Phobia or Fear? Fear.

Quote? a new favorite: "One out of ten Americans think Joan of Arc was Noah's wife"- Dinesh D'Sousa

Reason to Smile? Seeing God in everyday life.

Season? Autumn.

Tag five more: Edie, Jennifer, Mariel, Stephanie, and Jim.

Unknown Fact About Me? My favorite scent is "Moonlight Path" from Bath & Bodyworks.

Vegeterian or Oppressor of Animals? Meat. It's whats for dinner.

Worst Habit? Correcting people when they use the wrong word...and laughing at them.

Xrays or Ultrasounds? Oh, don't make me choose...

Your favourite Food? Anything spicy..

Zodiac? Aries.

So there you have it, a snapshot of me, written quickly, A to Z.


jeleasure said...

I have to say, I lamented to my wife that you did not tag me this time. I told Vicki I begrugingly played along last time. This would have been a fun one.
Sorry I seem to expect you to read my mind.
You are a really cool cat. Vicki and I laughed at your answers. We especially like the answer about baby goats.

Angela said...

ok reread my post! I just thought you wouldn't want to play!

Mariel said...

I came to check this out, your title of this post intersted me...but when I saw I was tagged, i was looks fun!! Will work on getting it out by tomorrow!! I love your answer about the kids!! You are so witty, I love it! hugs to you, friend!!

Edie said...

Hey you - Now this looks like fun.

So if I do the write thing but say it the rong way you will correct me? Is that what I heard you say? ;)

Ok, I gotta go give this some thought. I'll be back!

Stephanie said...

Hey Angela! I thought I'd better make I the right Stephanie? :)

Stephanie said...

Done! :)

Kathy S. said...

I'm going to have to check out Moonlight Path next time I'm at the mall.

I loved the kid/goat comment too! We actually do have a goat, but he's not a kid. We got him for lawn mowing when we found out how large our yard was (we purchased our home when there was snow cover)

He has big horns and I named him Ralph...Maybe I will have to post a pic of Ralph on my blog:)

Thanks for playing along!

Jennifer said...

Hi I just was reading this blog and noticed you tagged a Jennifer...Is that me...if not I feel stupid! ;) Anyway, I loved these cool little facts about you!!

Jennifer said...

Oh!!! Thanks for your comment on my blog. It meant a lot!!