Sunday, July 13, 2008

Not my problem

Things that have been on my mind this weekend..

1.It's God's fight, not mine.(2 Chronicles 20) My job is to praise him, to be obedient, and to give him all the glory. He will do the rest. That really makes me breathe more easily.

2.I took a girl that I know from my neighborhood pool to church with me. I noticed that she wasn't as in to it as I had hoped for. And then the guy that she brought with her went to the front of the church to receive Christ. It's not my job to make them have a great experience. It's my job to invite them. God will do the rest. Praise you, God.

3. My heart has been aching for those who are misled by false religion. I have been reading this blog , actually I read the whole thing yesterday, and I want to tell this girl not to throw Jesus away with the rest of her beliefs. I think that is a common occurrence, just to be so frustrated by being misled that you just give up on everything. I also found the link to this page documenting 20 facts about Mormonism on her page, and I found it very helpful. I almost want to start an outreach for those coming out of these types of situations. If God wants me to.

4. I want to be a counselor. I have put off going to school because I didn't know what career path was right for me. I am not hard-set on having a career, and certainly won't put a job above family, but I think maybe this would be the right choice for me..I like to listen to people's stories and give them (hopefully good)advice. I care about people. I would like to have comfy couches and maybe cookies at my place of business, make my own hours. So..we'll see.

5.Bible study week? No one but Heather and I were there tonight, but we had a good prayer time and were able to solidify some goals and thoughts we had on our group. I know in God's timing he is going to use this group to drastically change lives and I am so grateful to be an extension of his love to those who are dying (I know, it's harsh) without it. So,here I go waiting. Again. God's Bible study. Not mine.

6. Handing over the reins leaves your hands free to do other stuff. Also, God won't drive you off the side of a cliff.



Edie said...

You have a heart that God can use Angela. Keep at it. He gives us the desire so that He can fulfill it.

jeleasure said...

Are you familiar with Gideon? From the book of Judges, he was being called by God to rise up and revolt against the status quo among his own people. What God was asking him to do was risky. It scared Gideon and so, he needed some fail proof signs from God.
Have you ever heard of laying out a fleece? This is what Gideon did. He laid out a fleece and asked God, as a sign, to not allow the fleece to have collected any amount of due by morning. God honored Gideon's request. Gideon must have felt that it happened by chance. So, he asked God to do it again. Only, this time to not allow any due to land on the ground, but only on the fleece. And you know what? Morning came and there was no due on the ground. Only on the fleece.
Take a look at the current events in your life. You did not ask for these to occur. Then you think, "I may want to have an outreach ministry addressing these situations".
Ask God for a fleece.

Angela said...


I will take that into consideration.I have tons of good ideas, my problem is implementing them. I am going to read the story of Gideon. Thanks for your advice.


Mariel said...

what a precious heart you have, dear one!

Thank you for reading my are more than welcome to use anything you find there that will bring the Lord glory or draw others to Him! I left you a longer answer at my place ;)

hugs to you~ Mariel

Angela said...

Thank you Mariel! I absolutely love learning new awesome things about God. He loves us so much. He CHOSE us..and even His name is FOR us..what an awesome testament to His amazing love. Thanks so much for posting that and for the use of the quote. Nice to meet you, new friend!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Angela so true about how we seem to get in God's way because we think things are supposed to go a certain way! He knows oh so much better then we! Thanks for visiting and for the encouraging words!

Pinkshoelady said...

Hi Angela,
Thanks for coming by my blog and visiting the other day. And thanks for praying about my driving habbits too.
I have kept up with your blog several times, but have not had the time to stop and say hi, until today.

Your passion for godliness is evident and I am praying for you. It is tough being a single godly young woman in today's world. I was single till my mid-thirties so, I know a little bit about what you are facing.

I prayed Psalm 20 for you today. Read it and see what great things He will do for you today. Hint...You may have to look back on today to be able to see the things God did, but I believe that he will move Heaven and Earth for you! He loves you so much!

Come visit me again sometime and I will continue to keep track of you too.

In faith and prayer,
Pamela R.

DidiLyn said...

Just stopping by to check in and say "heya."
(yeah, it's a word.)

jeleasure said...

Hi Angela,
I thought you would enjoy my wife's recent Gideon 'type' happening.