Thursday, July 17, 2008

Which barnyard animal would have the hardest time if it were deaf?

I'll tell you the answer to my terrible joke at the end of the post. I am having a hard time accepting just how much God is going to use me..the very thing I have been asking him for. I feel like I am being pushed out into the open and that I am not going to be able to just be me anymore. I had a long talk with the bartender at work yesterday about God. He believes in "energy" and that if someone's religion gets them through the day, than why isn't that acceptable as "their truth". I asked him that if thinking I was a cat got me through the day, is it acceptable to think that way? He kept restating that truth was relative and asked me if I thought that the Chinese were wrong for believing in their gods for centuries..I said I absolutely thought they were wrong. His eyes got wide on that one. I was able to make clear points and walked away feeling as though I had presented the case for absolute truth as accurately as I could, and I was certainly respectful, as was he. I will really need to be praying for him. This is the reason I'm feeling out of my comfort zone. I am evangelizing and it makes me feel weird. I also have been having a hard time praying without feeling fake and routine the past couple days. I want the warm fuzzies back. I was peaceful and felt more natural as today progressed, but now as I write I still feel out-of-whack. Is is doubt or what? I am not sure what is going on. Help! The answer to the joke is, of course, a chicken. They can't read each others lips.


jeleasure said...

O.K. Nice joke.

When I read about your environment, the things that used to be everyday life for you, I am convinced that you are a special person to the Lord.

That is all I want to say for now. I keep looking in to see what you reveal.

Also, in the first chapter of my manuscript on "Love One Another"
I wrote about firery trials. It is toward the end, I believe. Check it out. The words in Greek are really cool. They discuss our trials as being something to rejoice over, because when we struggle or suffer or feel "out of our element" we are sharing in the very suffering the Lord experienced.

Did you check out my wife's Gideon experience?

Angela said...

Thank you. We are all special to's our willingness and our obedience that make way for him to be mighty through us. I did read Vicki's post. That is so cool how the Lord reaffirms his messages to us. He loves us very much. I will check out your post.

Edie said...

Hi Angela - How Wonderful to see how God is opening doors of opportunity to you! I wish I could always keep the warm fuzzies too, but it doesn't happen that way. Not having them actually strengthens our faith. It took me a long time to learn that and I still have a hard time accepting it. Faith is about trusting God, believing Him even when things don't "feel" right. That's when we are forced to go deeper, hold tighter, pray harder.

The enemy can also use those times to create doubt and confusion. Keep walking through those open doors. The One who calls you is Faithful.

Stop by and sign my guestbook when you get a minute. :D
Blessings -

jeleasure said...

Good morning Angela,
I have not been able to find that part of my "own" manuscript that discusses 'firery trial'. I will look for it later.
Have a good day.
And thanks for the comment on my "Journaling For Growth" post.

Penn Tomassetti said...

Very cool testimony, and I lol at the joke, too... Funny.

Praise God that you had the opportunity to witness to a coworker. Where I work, we are aloud to blaspheme God and His Holy Son as much as possible, but I'm not aloud to "judge" anyone by saying the truth about Him. Strange? I really have become more gentle and patient than I used to be with people, now I'm praying hard to have more opportunities to talk to them.

The gospel is God's power to save (Rom. 1:16; 1 Cor. 1:18,24). God bless and stay courageous in Christ. Looking unto Jesus...

Kathy S. said...

Angela, You go girl!! That is wonderful that your faith is so genuine and shining! And you can have conversations with the bartender who is distributing "spirits"...

Keep your eyes on Jesus. That is where your confidence comes from. When I look at myself and my (notice pronouns)inability, I will start swaying and reeling from fear, doubt, apprehension. It is a "gift" in a way so that we wont rely on our own strength, but HIS.

When we are weak, He is strong.
Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

Daily reminders that we need. God is already using you so much.

Walkin' by faith and not by sight.
Daily we need to consecrate ourselves. The battle rages, but the Lord is the WARRIOR! whew!

I am glad you enjoyed the music on my blog. When I do my hair, I turn on my blog for the music (office next to the bathroom!) I will have to see about adding "The Lord is a Warrior" by Cademan's Call to my playlist...

Kathy S. said...

PS...I LOVED YOUR JOKE!! My daughter loves chickens, I'll have to share that one with her.

j'adoube said...

Hang in there!

jeleasure said...

Hi Angela,
I finally got around to finding the explaination I have been looking for that I used in my manuscript. I was relating to how you feel "out of your element". Read below.

"Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ.” (I Peter 4:12-13NIV)

“Painful trial”, from the Greek word purosci, is a fiery test of trying circumstances.
“Suffering” is translated from the Greek word peirasmon: written in the genitive case (belonging to the sufferer) is defined as a trial

The understanding that we should have from both Genesis 3:15 and I Peter 4:12-13 is that there will be a struggle of the mind to resist the flesh and be obedient to God.
As Christ is put to the test of resisting temptation, we can feel privileged that we share in the very type of struggle Christ had to go through. Because, every victory is to God’s glory".

Angela said...

Thanks for your support, friends! I am feeling lots better, glad you all can relate!