Monday, July 28, 2008

Plug it in, Plug it in

We have the power and the protection of a mighty God behind why don't we believe that all things are possible? I was at my Dad's birthday party this weekend, and my Aunt Ann (not the one of pretzel fame) was talking about a healing mass she attended at her church recently. My mom's side of the family was brought up Catholic, but many have become non-denominational Christians, which in my limited experience are more focused on relationship and less on ritual. Aunt Ann still attends Catholic services, and at the healing mass they brought forth an eight-year old boy named Austin who is in a vegetative state due to asphyxiation in the womb when the placenta separated prematurely. They prayed over him, and the priest announced to the congregation that he is certain that God would heal Austin; that one day the boy would come to the healing mass not on a gurney but on his own two legs. Aunt Ann thinks it's a bunch of malarkey, and that they are giving the parents false hope and putting the boy through unnecessary trauma. She also said that a woman there said her feet, which had been hurting, claimed that she was feeling much better after they mentioned "feet" from the altar. She thought that was nonsense too (and it very well may have been). But I think sometimes we sell God short, as well as the power of our own prayers. We are to be persistent..if God just answered prayer right away (and sometimes he DOES) all the time, then we would take him for granted, and I think we would lose much of our wonder and our gratitude. I listened to this sermon by Dr. Michael Youseff this morning, and it reminded me that we, by our own power, are so weak, but with God we can experience amazing results..people saved, people healed,the protection of our loved ones. We can't expect trouble free lives, but we can live victoriously as we call on the name of Jesus. There is power in that name. We are the lamps, he's the light source. Plug it in, plug it in.


jeleasure said...

Your post quickly prompts me to ask one question and then give you a scripture reference.
Question: Did you attend Christian Fellowship Church in Loudoun County?
Scripture: Philippians 1:15-18. (This may be a Bible study. Please be forgiving.). Paul states that even false doctrines can promote the Gospel. Even if they are done out of selfish ambition. This works well with what Jesus said in Matthew 7:21-23. Jesus said, "Not everyone who says, "Lord, Lord" will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Then these people say, but we cast out demons, performed miracles and your name. And Jesus says, I never knew you.
And if you ask, "How did these people obtain spiritual gifts, if they were not in a relationship with Jesus?" Paul explains in Ephesians 4:8 that when people get saved, Jesus frees us from our chains and gives us gifts. These being free from the chains is to be free from the condemnation of the law. To receive gifts, is to be appointed as a teacher, an encourager, a prophet, etc. for the furthering of the Gospel.
Now, these people in Mat. 7 got saved and received gifts but their focus was not on the "Royal Law" (James 2:8-12). Their desire was on securing their eternity in Heaven. In which case, Jesus has an answer to that as well. He says, The first will be last, and the last will be first.
So, I said all of that to say, yes, the Catholic church, even though their Ten Commandments in their Catechism is not the same as ours, have people in their congregation who do place their faith in Christ. Even though the doctrine is heretical. I do not think the Catholic church's reform to Vatican Two in the last sixty years has helped them get their theology straitened out, completely. But, to obtain gifts, one must get saved. And, their is, with no doubt a multitude in the Catholic church who have confessed Christ. I just think they are numbered among those whom Jesus says, "not everyone who says, Lord...". Because, the Catholic Church still has a Pope who says, "Ego Te Absolve". Which means, I absolve you. Or I forgive your sins.

jeleasure said...

By the way, I grew up in an area of Pittsburgh, Pa. that was Roman Catholic to the hilt. My uncle is a Catholic Priest. So please forgive me if you perceived me to be offensive.
I had similar talks with my uncle as he attempted to encourage me to become a priest.

Penn Tomassetti said...

When i read about your Aunt Ann, I had to laugh a little, because I am from the town where Auntie Anne (the pretzel lady) is from. She is building a facility in our community for helping people in different ways. My sister volunteered there. She grew up Amish, so RC is way on the other side! Here, almost everyone in the Amish/Mennonite community is related to each other somehow.

I used to witness to many Roman Catholics in Pittsburgh, so I know what Jim is talking about. Roman Catholics need to understand Romans chapter 3, which is about the futility of being justified by law, but rather by faith in Christ alone.

Grace to you.
P.S. sorry, I haven't had much time lately to do the tag thing.

Angela said...

Jim: no to Christian Fellowhship Church. Funny that the pope uses the word "ego". I've heard that some Catholics pray TO HIM..I bet God isn't too happy about that. My grandmother goes to a 5:30 am mass every day. I don't know about all Catholics, I guess some have the close relationship with God, but I know politically the church was very power hungry and would charge people for absolvement of sins. What toolys. As for miracles, the same church Aunt Ann goes to is putting out a book called "Miracles and Margaritas". Hmmm.
Get cracking with the tag. Are you Amish? If I had to guess, I would guess Quaker..or is it the Society of Friends?

Pinkshoelady said...

Great post!

As someone who has been healed both through God's supernatural hand and through the skill he has given physicians...I say Amen!

God is the same God who parted a red sea, walked on water, and refilled a small bowl of oil and grain for bread everyday for a widow, her son amd Elijah until God once again allowed it to rain.

I think we don't see these miracles today not because God has changed but because we don't expect or look for them.

We need to open our eyes and expect the glories of the Lord!

Pamela R.

DidiLyn said...

Just wanted to say how much you encouraged me yesterday with your comment. You kindly gave me permission to be myself, and that's okay. Kinda like God does, huh?
And, did I somehow twist your arm to enter my supercool giveaway??

Penn Tomassetti said...

Sorry Angela, you are wrong... I'm not Amish or Quaker, I guess I'm something like a Presbyterian non-conformist Baptist (but a better title would be "worm" - Isaiah 41:14).

jeleasure said...

Hey Penn,
How about, 'Bapticostal'?

Tooly may be a new word for me. What is it?

You know, I did not think about that Pope thing. "Ego" Me. Me. I. I this. I that. He sure does have a big ego! Look at all of that opulence!
Let's sell some more indulgences. Ego does not have enough opulence. Who wants to be the next one to sin? Drop it in the box when you leave the confessional. Don't forget your receipt. Or, we can stamp your hand. Peter does not take American Express.
I'm sorry. Not really. I got carried away. However, it was a good venting.
Have you studied anything about Constantine the Great?
If you have time, it is well worth the knowledge. What you should be looking for, is Constantine 'The Great' and his war with Diocletion. You will want to read about his vision of a disc with the letters, Chi and Ro. And how he had all of his soldiers paint the Chi Ro on their sheilds, as well as be baptized, though they could worship any God of their choice. This should allow you to see some parallels with the Catholic church of today. And thus, the need for the Protestant Reformation.
If you study this, this will put you in a position of being more enlitened on the Church's history. More and more will become clear as you keep these things you will learn concerning Christ and the Catholic Church in mind.
Then you will have the problem I have. You will find things in scripture that a lot of people do not understand for fear of searching outside the box.

Angela said...

Jim: you said in your other comment to use tooly in a sentence.
Penn: I don't think God meant worm in a disparaging way, I think he meant weak..he goes on to say that he will make Israel into a threshing sledge..he is our strength and he makes us new creatures.

jeleasure said...

I know. I was now asking for you to make up a definition for it.
Written communication is very much an art. I guess I need to polish mine.

jeleasure said...

Another Arte y Pico award.
Come on over. Arte y Pico beneath my article on the Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Angela said...

Pamela and Diane,
You ladies make my day!